Norska: Junior Insole Tech Info

ANPASSNING/ TILPASSNINGTa ur existerande/ nuværende sulor/ såler från dina skor. Placera dina nya Junior Insoles i skorna för att kontrollera att storleken/ størrelsen passar. Vid behov/ Om nødvend...

Description & Specs

We combine 30 years of orthopedic research with new innovative materials to provide insoles optimized for different activities. The product provides comfort and aligns movement in order to create better conditions for children and young adults who love to be active in school or doing sports. We hope that you’ll love it!

Satisfaction guarantee

This product is covered by our satisfaction guarantee, which you can read more about here

Junior Insole

Our mission at om is to break the human limits to experience more. Inspired by movement. Powered by passion. Move with us, and feel the joy.

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