Playground Essentials

Turn schoolyard moments into treasured memories with our playground essentials – fusing childlike wonder with gear that stands the test of play


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Junior InsolesJunior Insoles
Junior Insoles Sale price276,00 kr
Flat LacesFlat Laces
Flat Laces Sale price69,00 kr
Powergel Heel CupPowergel Heel Cup
Powergel Heel Cup Sale price197,00 kr
Easy LacesEasy Laces
Easy Laces Sale price118,00 kr
Sold out
Sports Bag
Sports Bag Sale price98,00 kr
OM Water bottle
OM Water bottle Sale price147,00 kr
Standard Junior Insoles
Standard Junior Insoles Sale price147,00 kr
Active ShoelacesActive Shoelaces
Active Shoelaces Sale price98,00 kr
Shoe Wipes
Shoe Wipes Sale price147,00 kr
OM CapOM Cap
OM Cap Sale price197,00 kr
Sneaker InsolesSneaker Insoles
Sneaker Insoles Sale price345,00 kr
Shoe Cleaner
Shoe Cleaner Sale price147,00 kr
Headband White
Headband White Sale price59,00 kr
Shoe Protector
Shoe Protector Sale price147,00 kr
Wristband Sale price59,00 kr
Shoe Premium
Shoe Premium Sale price246,00 kr
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