We have collected data from football players’ different foot types around the world. This data, as well as the design of today’s football boots and new innovative material, is the basis for Football Insole’s design and function. We have created these insoles according to the actual shapes of real feet, to create an insole that fits as many feet types as possible. The purpose of Football Insole is to reduce the load on the player’s muscles, joints and back, to create better conditions for anyone who loves to play football.

SHOCK ABSORBING MATERIAL – The green honeycomb pattern distributes pressure, increases shock absorption and reduces the insole weight.

STABILIZING MATERIAL – The grey E.V.A material provides a combination of extra support and shock absorption in the area around the heel, below the middle of the foot, and reduces rotational forces.

SHOCK ABSORBING ZONE – The unique red shock absorbing zone reduces the load on the heel.

VENTILATION MATERIAL – The perforation through all three materials increases ventilation capacity. The top cover minimizes the risk of chafing and blisters.

MEDIAL FOOT ARCH SUPPORT – The unique design of the foot arch support increases stability in play and is designed to fit as many feet as possible.

ANATOMIC HEEL CUP – The anatomically contoured heel cup distributes pressure under the heel, reducing the load by combining the heel’s fat pad and reinforcing its natural function.