We combine 30 years of orthopedic research with new innovative materials to provide insoles optimized for different activities. Our Junior Insoles provides comfort and aligns movement in order to create better conditions for children and young adults who love to be active in school or doing sports. We hope that you’ll love it!

TOP COVER – The top cover minimizes the risk of chafing and blisters.

MEDIAL ARCH SUPPORT – The longitudinal footrest support is uniquely designed to fit as many children’s’ & young adults’ feet type as possible.

ANATOMIC HEEL CUP – The anatomical heel cup distributes pressure under the heel, reducing the load by contracting the heel’s fat pad and reinforcing its natural function.

SHOCK ABSORBING & STABILIZING – E.V.A material provides a combination of extra support and shock absorption.

SHOCK ABSORBING ZONE – Unique shock absorbing zone reduces the load on the heel.