The football players in Kvarnsvedens IK women F17/19 team are now using FootballInsole in their football boots, to step up and upgrade their game!

Kvarnsveden IKSweden

On Thursday we got sponsored with Football Insole! Man thanks and we all are looking forward to a great cooperation!

Lidingö IFSweden

The senior football teams of Fortuna FF are now in cooperation with Football Insole where all the players are now playing football with insoles, specially designed for football players. We are so happy about this and looking forward to a long turn and successful future together with Football Insole!

Fortuna FFSweden

I was eager to start to play with my new Football Insole, since I’ve been struggling with som heel pain. Already after a few days it felt better, thanks!

Dani Bennassar - GAISSweden

These Insole are so nice! The comfortability and support they give makes the boots feel much better! Thanks! Upgrade your football boots already!

Samuel Aziz - IK BrageSweden

These insoles are absolutely amazing! Would never play without them! Thanks!

Mikko Kausto - MiPKFinland

Thank you so much @orthomovement for these Football Insoles! Makes the football boots so much more comfortable! Hopefully they will help my foot issues to the next session!

Fanny Lång - AIKSweden