Which foot arch am I?

All people either have a low, normal or high arch. Low and normal arch are the most common types of arch among people. You can test which type you are at home by getting your feet wet and stand on a flat surface where you can see your imprint such as on a paper or a newspaper. Our upgrade range insoles are crafted with an unique medial and longitudinal arch support design which is adapt to fit all of these feet types as good as possible. This, together with the material of a semi hard E.V.A, its creates a dynamic function.

Low arch/flat feet

Characteristics: Low arch feet are very flexible and sits low to the floor surface, the arch is not well defined.

Foot print: f you have a low arch almost your entire bottom of your feet makes a print. It is common that if you have low arch that you over pronate.

Statistics: About 20% of the population has low arches

Normal/Medium arch

Characteristics: This arch is biomechanically an efficient foot, well natural functioned and flexible with a defined arch.

Foot print: You have a normal arch if you see the inside curve of your feet is missing on the imprint. Even when you have normal arch it is common that you over pronate.

Statistics: About 60% of the population has normal/medium arches

High arch

Characteristics: High arches are usually stiff and rigid with an arch that sits high from the ground with a well defined arch. They rarely have a pronation and often a stiffer stance or a supination.

Foot print: You have a high arch if you can’t see anything but your top of your feet and your heals.

Statistics: About 10% of the population has high arches

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