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Elevate your footwear game with Shoe Gear Essentials - revolutionizing the way you lace and care for your shoes like never before


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Flat LacesFlat Laces
Flat Laces Sale priceFrom 69,00 kr
Shoe Wipes
Shoe Wipes Sale price149,00 kr
Active ShoelacesActive Shoelaces
Active Shoelaces Sale price99,00 kr
Walking TrexWalking Trex
Walking Trex Sale price205,00 kr
Easy LacesEasy Laces
Easy Laces Sale price119,00 kr
Shoe Protector
Shoe Protector Sale price149,00 kr
Shoe Premium
Shoe Premium Sale price249,00 kr
Shoe Cleaner
Shoe Cleaner Sale price149,00 kr
Joy of Movement