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When skiing, the eccentric forces of turns and jumps creates an increased load of up to 40 times your body weight. This demands a lot from your equipment! We have collected data from skiers' different feet from around the world. This data, as well as the movement patterns while skiing and the design of today's alpine boots, forms the basis for Alpine Insole's design and function. The purpose of the Alpine Insole is to reduce the load on the rider's muscles and joints, to create better conditions for all who love to ski, regardless if you are an occasional or professional skier. For more information check out www.orthomovement.com

The top cover material is made of a mixture of merino wool and polyester. It breathes well, provides warmth and comfort. An additional layer of warming material have been added. It also minimizes the risk of chafing and blisters.

The longitudinal footrest support is uniquely designed to fit as many feet type as possible.

The anatomical heel cup distributes pressure under the heel, reducing the load by contracting the heel's fat pad and reinforcing its natural function.

The orange zones give the heel, joints and bones extra shock absorption in order to provide a relief on your body. The shape and placement of the zones are specially designed after skiers’ pressure patterns such as while carving.

The grey E.V.A material provides a combination of extra support and shock absorption, which reduces rotational forces.

Cut along the edge to required size.

Remove the existing insoles from your Alpine boots. Place your new Alpine Insoles in your boots to make sure the size is correct. If necessary, trim your new Alpine Insoles with scissors if they don’t fit. Tip: Use your original insoles as a template! Gradually increase the use of your new Alpine Insoles because there may be new load patterns on your body. CLEANING & CARE: The product is not resistant to high temperatures. You can use lukewarm water and soap for cleaning. Dry at room temperature. Do not wash in a washing machine. LIFE SPAN: Replace your insoles after 6-12 months or when they are showing signs of wear and tear.

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