Turn childhood moments into treasured memories with our Junior collection – fusing childlike wonder with gear that stands the test of play


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Football InsolesFootball Insoles
Football Insoles Sale price399 kr
Padel InsolesPadel Insoles
Padel Insoles Sale price399 kr
Wrap Tape 5cm x3Wrap Tape 5cm x3
Wrap Tape 5cm x3 Sale price99 kr
Golf InsolesGolf Insoles
Golf Insoles Sale price399 kr
Powergel Heel CupPowergel Heel Cup
Powergel Heel Cup Sale price199 kr
Wrap Tape 7,5cm x3Wrap Tape 7,5cm x3
Wrap Tape 7,5cm x3 Sale price149 kr
Activity Shade InfinityActivity Shade Infinity
Activity Shade Infinity Sale price699 kr
Knee StrapKnee Strap
Knee Strap Sale priceFrom 179 kr
Skipping RopeSkipping Rope
Skipping Rope Sale price149 kr
Football Insole SpeedFootball Insole Speed
Football Insole Speed Sale price399 kr
Easy LacesEasy Laces
Easy Laces Sale price119 kr
Standard Junior InsolesStandard Junior Insoles
Standard Junior Insoles Sale price149 kr
OM Water bottle
OM Water bottle Sale price149 kr
Alpine InsolesAlpine Insoles
Alpine Insoles Sale price549 kr
Racket InsoleRacket Insole
Racket Insole Sale price399 kr
Ice PackIce Pack
Ice Pack Sale price29 kr
Elbow StrapElbow Strap
Elbow Strap Sale price199 kr
Callus & Blister Plaster Heel 5 Pack
Callus & Blister Plaster MIX 5 Pack
Junior InsolesJunior Insoles
Junior Insoles Sale price299 kr
Joy of Movement