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About us

We always put the user and their activity in center, asking - ’How did they feel?’ - ’It really was an Upgrade Feeling’.
Different activities have various types of complex motion and pressure pattern. Different footwear have all kind of sizes and fits. People have different needs and demands. Therefore, we have developed and designed ’Activity Based Insoles’ with all these factors in mind during the processes with new innovative materials. This has resulted in two product ranges UPGRADE INSOLES & STANDARD INSOLES, since one should never have to compromise between a more comfortable experience or what the user call ’An Upgrade Feeling’.

When skiing, the eccentric forces of turns and jumps creates an increased load of up to 40 times your body weight. This demands a lot from your equipment! We have collected data from skiers' different feet from around the world. This data, as well as the movement patterns while skiing and the design of today's alpine boots, forms the basis for Alpine Insole's design and function. The purpose of the Alpine Insole is to reduce the load on the rider's muscles and joints, to create better conditions for all who love to ski, regardless if you are an occasional or professional skier.

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