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At Ortho Movement, our focus is always on ensuring that you can experience the joy of movement. Our Golf Insole is no exception. Specially designed to provide control from the heel through the arch, all the way to the toe, this insole delivers confidence, poise, and support every step of the way. Unlike other insoles, our Golf Insole is made from firm yet lightweight material that offers high-bounce performance to keep you going through 18+ holes, minimize imbalance during your swing, and ensure the best possible accuracy. From the grass to the rough to the bunker, Ortho Movement supports your golf game.

The top covers job during your round is to distribute the moisture as well as minimize the risk of chafing and blisters.

The longitudinal footrest support is uniquely designed to give you a natural arch, and add support and comfort to those with a high arch.

The anatomical heel cup distributes pressure under the heel, reducing the load by contracting the heel's fat pad and reinforcing its natural function.

While swinging the club, additional forces address the outer & inner foot that often imbalance the body’s alignment. The concave stability wedge stabilize the feet in the swing and counteract these forces.

The central channel material is made of high quality E.V.A. Which will be at the core of your stance. It will shape to your feet & the pressure patterns that you load, increasing comfort and feeling. The friction pattern on the sole holds the insole to the shoe, giving you stability though your swing.

The black E.V.A material provides a combination of extra support and relief, which reduces rotational forces. The light green PU material provides extra shock absorption and stability.

The extra zone of D3O® material under the heel provides extra shock absorption to an area that is well exposed while walking the golf course.

ADAPTATION: Remove the existing insoles from your golf shoes. Place your new Golf Insoles in your shoes to make sure the size is correct. If necessary, trim your new Golf Insoles with scissors if they don’t fit. Tip: Use your original insoles as a template! Gradually increase the use of your new Golf Insoles because there may be new load patterns on your body.

CLEANING & CARE: The product is not resistant to high temperatures. You can use lukewarm water and soap for cleaning. Dry at room temperature. Do not wash in a washing machine.

 Replace your soles after 6-12 months or when they are showing signs that they are worn out.

Enjoy the full swing from the ground and up

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