As a consumer, you always have a fourteen (14) day right of withdrawal according to the Distance Contracts and Off-premises Contracts Act (2005:59). In order for you to feel completely safe with your purchase, ABG instead offers a full 30 (30) day right of withdrawal from the time you receive the item or a substantial part of it.

To create a return, just log in to your account (the little person icon at the top of the page, or in the mobile menu) and make the return request, follow the instructions provided.

If your order number starts with 101, send us a message here and we can help you with the return.

Please ensure that you pack the items in their original packaging and drop them off at a delivery center. We'll carefully inspect the items and refund your purchase account within 14 days.

Eco-Friendly Returns: We understand that returning items is sometimes necessary, but we also want to encourage our customers to think about the environmental impact of their returns. To help offset this impact, we are introducing an Eco-Friendly Returns fee of 49kr (4.9 €). This fee will go towards supporting our sustainability initiatives, such as investing in eco-friendly packaging and reducing our carbon footprint. By paying this fee, you are helping to support our commitment to sustainability.

After the return has been received and approved, the refund will be made within fourteen (14) days from when ABG received the return. Refunds are only made by deposit to a bank account, not in cash. Costs for services linked to delivery such as express pack and cash on delivery fee are not refunded in the case of a return.
You as a customer of course have the right to try and examine the product at home to ensure that the product meets your expectations. If you return an unused item with associated labels and packaging within 365 days, the full amount will be refunded, or the desired exchange will be carried out. If the quality of the product has been affected as a result of you as the customer having handled it more than is necessary to examine its properties or functions, a deduction will be made from the refund corresponding to the reduction in value of the product.

When returning, you bear the risk for the product, therefore it is important that the product cannot be damaged during transport. In order for a full refund to be made, the item must be unused and sent back in undamaged original packaging, all labels must remain and manuals must be sent with it. It is important that outer packaging is used and that tape or other material is not stuck to the original packaging.
The right of withdrawal does not apply at all to goods that have been manufactured or changed in accordance with your special wishes.

To enable a possible return, you need to be able to prove the purchase and ABG recommends that you save the order confirmation and payment reference as a receipt for your purchase.

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