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A man who definitely knows how to reach something he wants

Willpower is something you have to train every day to achieve the desired results. Sometimes it may be hard and unbearable, but only then you grow. Any sport you choose requires strong determination and dedication, and that’s how personal growth happens. Calle Ahlden,@calleahlden is a man who definitely knows how to reach something he wants. Now he is a professional football freestyler who trained hard every single day to become one of those Youtube men he was inspiring from. We wanted to know more about Calle’s passion and zoom called him to get more of his tips and secrets. And of course to know how our insoles help him in achieving his goals.
What’s your goal behind freestyle football?
My goal in this sport is never to stop doing it and getting better all the time. I think you should always improve yourself as there are no limits to perfection. 
What’s the best of being a football freestyler?
First of all, the community is insane. I mean, thanks to freestyle football I have friends all around the world. When we have meetings and different competitions, we always share our culture with each other. It’s a great chance to learn so much about other countries, their religion, and customs. One more super cool thing about this sport is that it’s entertaining and, therefore, everyone likes watching it, haha. Yet it’s difficult, and not everyone can perform it. There are perhaps only 50 people in Sweden who can do it.  

How did you choose this activity and what motivated you yo pursue it?
YouTube. In 2009, I started watching different football freestylers’ YouTube videos and literally couldn’t take my eyes off them. I nailed one trick, then another, and then a lot of them! I met one guy who was also a beginner, now he is my friend, and we started training together till we became as good as those guys in the videos.
What physical training do you need to become a football freestyler?
You definitely need to have good stamina and power to perform tricks. You need to be flexible, especially in your lower part of the body to keep balance with your feet. Also, you need to develop your concentration skills which are highly important when the ball is on your head. What’s more, you should have a strong determination. Yeh, it’s not physical training, but without determination and willpower you’ll quickly give up. 

Can you describe your feelings when you perform all the tricks without a mistake?
The feeling of delivering performance and making no mistakes is incredible! It’s a feeling of satisfaction and success at the same time. When you hear the applause from the audience and realize people liked what they have just seen, that’s insane! I can’t describe it in simple words, you need to experience it to fully understand me. 

How do our products support you in your work?
Ortho Movement makes amazing insoles, which are really good for freestyle. We need to have the lightest shoes possible, and all of them are usually flat. Hence, there is nothing that helps us to push off the ground. Obviously, it’s not good for the legs and can cause different issues. Using Ortho Movement insoles helps us to deal with this problem and releases the tension in legs and knees! Thanks to them, I can perform my tricks much easier.
The feeling of delivering performance and making no mistakes is incredible! It’s a feeling of satisfaction and success at the same time.

– Calle Ahlden

How are you using our activity insoles for these activities?
I’m lucky to have the Ortho Movement insoles in all of my shoes, haha!. For instance, when I’m out in the city, I use sneaker insoles. It’s sheer luxury to have them on a daily basis. All of them are so nice and comfortable, and that’s amazing! 
What would you recommend to the people who are going to take up freestyle football?
First of all, you need to show total dedication to this sport. I’ve been training for hours every day to achieve the results I have now. Freestyle football requires hard training every day. What’s more, any sport requires complete determination and concentration. Do what brings you joy and happiness and you’ll never think of giving it up.  
We're all in the same storm, but are weathering it in different boats. Everybody chooses their own way to become happy and successful. We are thankful to Calle Ahlden for such incredible answers that inspire to move on and never give up. Calle, you’re amazingly good at kicking, that's a fact! 

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