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OM Partners with Supersports

Bangkok, Thailand September the 1st, 2020 – Supersports (Central Retail Group), one of the world’s top sporting retail chains and Ortho Movement, part of The Active Brands Group Scandinavia distribution company, have signed an exclusive collaboration agreement. Their successful partnership began in 2019 when Ortho Movement entered 90 Supersports stores throughout Thailand with their activity insoles. Now the story continues, focusing on an increased customer retail experience with innovative foot-scanning technology integrations at key stores. The foot scanners, powered by world-leading Aetrex Technology’s ‘Albert™’, have been installed and tailored to Ortho Movement’s product range, giving customers access to a new level of detailed data about their feet while also providing recommendations for the right insole and shoe based on their unique foot profiles and activities.
“We are very excited to partner with Thailand’s biggest sports retailer. From the very start, we shared a common goal: to deliver a next-generation experience for customers in stores. Our insole range has been very successful in over 90 stores throughout Thailand, and the OM foot-scanning technology will only increase consumer understanding of the importance of feet, insoles, and the correct shoes,” says Matt Jenkins, VP of Sales at Ortho Movement.
Machine learning will recommend the ideal brands and types of footwear for customers, as well as insoles to provide support, shock absorption, and stability based on specific activities and lifestyles. The system will allow customers to access their foot passport, and Supersports will be able to tailor new footwear recommendations to relevant customers.
“The driving force behind this project has been identifying synergies between the brands we work with on a global scale. Utilizing and combining key components from our partners, we co-create an  unique customer experience that can be successfully executed based on our synergistic relationships and collaboration among our brands around the world. It’s impressive to work with such a great team. Having Supersports and Aetrex supporting our ideas not only tightens our relationship but also provides an unique solution in Thailand, adding exceptional value for customers, staff and sales,” says Pierre Garami, VP International Sales at The Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB.
“We recognize that everyone who shops at Supersports is uniquely different, and therefore we have introduced Running Labs into some of our stores to provide the very best customer experience. This enables our Sports Consultants to have the best insight into consumer footwear requirements, thereby giving them the best possible advice to help each customer make the right purchase decision for their specific needs. We’ve found OM foot-scanning technology gives us a very accurate understanding of each customer’s feet. Together with the gait analysis system, it ensures we can make the best recommendation on which shoe and insole will serve the running or walking style of each customer”says Tony Morton, President of CRC Sports Co.
“We are delighted to partner with Ortho Movement, as they are at the leading edge in the technology of foot movement and comfort”, says Passawat Ruengjirarote President of Supersports.
Ortho Movement – Ortho Movement is a Swedish brand with more than three decades of experience and knowledge in orthopedic technology. Ortho Movement creates and develops activity insoles adapted to the activity’s movement and pressure patterns.
Aetrex Albert Scanner – Aetrex, headquartered in New Jersey, USA, recently launched Albert, the world’s most advanced 3D foot-scanning technology. Albert seamlessly integrates cutting-edge computer vision and pressure sensor technology into a comprehensive, personalized in-store fitting experience. Using advanced machine learning, Albert recommends the most appropriate footwear and orthotics for a consumer’s unique feet.
The Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB – Active brands for active people. We develop, sell, and distribute brands to ensure people can remain active in a sustainable way. Today, the brands Aetrex, Ortho Movement, Sneaker LAB, Rehband, SmellWell, Weightsoles & Knotely are distributed and marketed within the company’s portfolio in 20 markets around the world.
Supersports, CRC Sports Co – CRC Sports Company Limited is a subsidiary of the Central Retail Corporation, which operates Supersports Store, Crocs Shops, Fit Sports Store, New Balance Shops, Skechers Shops, Fila Shops, Speedo shops, and Liverpool FC shops. CRC Sports is also the importer and distributor of leading brands including Crocs, New Balance, K-Swiss, Fila, Skechers, Speedo, Liverpool Football Club, Ellesse, Lotto.
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